Best knock-off Bluetooth speaker on AliExpress?
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What's the best knock-off Bluetooth speaker on AliExpress? Call it a budget of under $50 all told.

I like JBL's speakers, and would like BT 5.x if I can get it (though who knows what lurks on those circuit boards).

I bought a squat Bluetooth speaker on AliExpress by a company called Zealot, and when it starts up a heavily-accented voice shouts, "WELCOME TO ZEALOT PRODUCTS. BLUETOOTH ENABLED." The audio quality is fine for the $25 or whatever that I paid, but that voice is a no-go.

So I would like to find a BT speaker and stay under $50, but without that raving boot-up announcement. I know I am getting a cheap copy, I just don't want terrible one.
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Does it have to be knockoff and off Ali Express?

On wirecutter's recommendation, I picked up a Tribit XSound Go for $35. I've been very happy with sound quality and battery life, but I'm no audiophile.
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This was posted recently, and and an older version of the JBL clip is under $40 from amzn.
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This is an anti-recommendation. But, my experience with a Miccus brand receiver from a few years ago is that the "connected" voice announcement is not at all subtle. If you don't remember to turn down the volume first, it's startling. (Everything else about it is fine.) My Tsumbay brand speaker/alarm-clock, on the other hand, is terrible at doing any of the things it claims to do except displaying the time. The connected announcement isn't as bad, but the audio quality is shit and I can only imagine the UI was designed by someone engaged in industrial sabotage.
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We have Anker Soundcores in the house and they’re great. They’re about £40 in the UK. You can get them on Amazon.
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Seconding Anker Soundcores. I have a Soundcore 2 that's almost good enough for opera. Right now they list their Soundcore Minis at $30 on Ali, but there are regular sales - I paid $40-ish for the Soundcore 2 5 years ago in the Singles' Day sale, so I'm betting you can hunt it down at a better price point. Next big sale should be Chinese New Year.
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Love my several years old Anker Soundcore, great sound, easy to use and I can't even remember the last time I had to charge it.
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