How would I learn how to build VR environments
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I've got a new Oculus Quest 2 and I'm toying with the idea of building some of my own apps/games/experiences. What are the tools I should use, and what are the best resources for learning to use them?

I've got some background in programming, although it's been many years since I used anything but SQL professionally. I gather that Unity and Unreal Engine are the most popular choices. If I'm looking to build VR apps in which the user is a more or less passive viewer, being moved through custom environments with ambient narration, what would be the best set of tools for me to get as a beginner, and what are the best tutorials or courses about those tools, either online or in print?
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You can join the Gnomon Workshop for great tutorials. Hang out on Twitch and Discord for networking and learning. Artstation for inspiration. You will need to learn several types of software to make it happen. I like zBrush for 3D modeling.
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Either Unreal or Unity should meet your needs. I'm biased in favor of Unity because the first ten years or so of my career involved creating VR content in Unity at research labs, so I am very productive in that environment. That said, blueprints in Unreal could also suit you too, I think. Unreal has somewhat kinder license terms (they want a cut of total sales, whereas Unity gates some features behind the paid license, and requires a monthly subscription if you're using it for commercial purposes and have funding/revenue beyond a certain level), but if you're using it 100% for fun, then that's less of an issue.

The content on Unity's site is pretty good. One thing I had a lot of success with was getting assets on the asset store (either free or paid) and looking at how their code/example scenes are structured. You can learn a lot that way, and over time you'll develop a sense for good practices vs. silliness.
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