Building in Blackboard --Chromebook or Ipad
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Which is better --Chromebook or iPad (plus keyboard) to build blackboard courses?

I am taking a new job next school year, so I will have several months between turning in my computer to my old job and when I get my new one. I'm guessing I will get my new work computer ~1 week before I need my new Blackboard courses to launch.

I haven't used either a Chromebook or an iPad to create courses. I'm assuming it is doable since BB is web based, but I'd prefer it to not be a huge headache.

I don't currently use many fancy features in BB, most likely I will create some videos that will be new and link to them, but I'm not worried about doing that with either program.

I may be overthinking this since I've had a lot of trouble with BB in the past due to formatting issues that I couldn't fix in the html, not saving links etc, etc.
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It depends on what you're more comfortable using but overall a Chromebook is going to be much more flexible. This is particularly true if you have an external monitor so you have have BB on one screen and source material etc. on the other. I would also hate to do substantial authoring on a 10" screen but that's just me.
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