What's to do in Frankfurt?
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I have a one-night stop-over in Frankfurt—please advise me.

Touching down at 0600, and leaving at 1300 the next day. I'll be staying at a hostel downtown (looking at the Haus der Jugend), which is supposedly central to the city.

I'm interested in art/architecture, and was planning on seeing some of the contemporary art galleries, but since this is my first time on the continent of Europe, I'm open to anything.

Lastly, I'll be penny-pinchin', so throw in those cheap dives for dinner.
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cheap dives and delicious - anywhere near the hauptbahnhof (main train station) that sells doner kebabs. In general, the city is quite walkable, and that (to me) was the best way to see a lot of the key architecture.
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I spent a couple days in Frankfurt once at the tail end of a conference. I was for some reason intent on seeing some theater even though I don't speak any German — I randomly stumbled on the English Theater in Frankfurt and thought it was great (there's a bar there too). I also spent lots of time at the parks, on the river, and walking around looking at the tall buildings. I thought it was a pretty good city for wandering around and discovering neat little things.

By the way, I stayed nearby where it looks like you'll be staying. Good location.
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Oh, you are so lucky. I recommend the döner-kebab place that's maybe a hundred yards from the hostel, if it's still there (I was last there two years ago). If you head down Paradiesgasse (the southern continuation of Elisabethenstraße—the bus goes that way), it's on the eastern side of the street before you get to Affentorplatz. And the Oberbayern bar right there at (I think) Kleine Rittergasse tends to have pretty cheap beer, too.
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Go to one of the ebbelwoi (apple wine--earthier tasting than hard cider) places on Schweizer strasse. I went to Wagner's #71 and Zum Gemalten Haus #67 ; the food is priced between 4 and 12 euros and most likely you'll have to share a table. Goethe's house is there, if you like literature.
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Be advised that the whole area around the Hauptbahnhof is sketchy, especially after dark.

Definitely get in a döner or two, though.
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It a sad but true commentary on German cuisine that the doner kebabs are often the best thing to eat. But it is true - much better than you will get in the US. Bratwurst stands are also worth a try - essentially these are the apex of German cuisine. So pass on sit-down restaurants and use the money you save for beer.

Frankfurt isn't exactly an architectural mecca - it was pretty well flattened in WWII, but there are nice parts and window shopping is always fun.

Hopping around pubs is one of Germany's best recreations. Beer is cheap, good, and people are usually happy to chat.
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Hit the Haupwache and walk toward the Main. All along the Main is a great walking trail, with quite a few museums. A great film museum. Follow the signs toward Sachsenhausen and you can't really go wrong. Night life is sweet down there, too.
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