Chock full of.... pound cake?
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I know, I have so many recipe questions, but it's that time of year. I need to make a birthday cake for someone who was recently rhapsodizing about memories of pound cake he ate at the Chock Full of Nuts locations. I want to make that pound cake for his birthday. I have looked and I can't find many mentions of this cake, and even more challenging, no recipes for it. Help?
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Best answer: I would send this question to all the cooking experts -- that's your best chance.

Contact Epicurious

Contact America's Test Kitchen / Cook's Illustrated

Probably your best bet is asking The Splendid Table. This quest sounds like exactly the kind of thing I'd have heard a story about on the radio.

Some creative Googling might turn up more potential leads, though, such as the contact page for the Chock full o'Nuts company :)
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Best answer: I searched old Gourmet magazines' "You Asked For It" column and didn't find anything.

But I did follow a Chock Full O' Nuts tangent and found this article about their legendary sandwiches. At the end of the column is a recipe for a pound cake--I think it's the Chock Full version.
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I got all excited, but it looks like it's a cream cheese pound cake recipe in response to someone's request from a previous column.

On the other hand, if it's possible to see the previous column from Jan. 20 of that year, the request _could_ have been for a cream cheese pound cake like the one at Chock full o'Nuts, since the discussion of that restaurant seems to be ongoing here.

Still, cream cheese pound cake? I want to try that for sure!
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