Are there other youtube channels like this russian folk song channel?
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I've really been enjoying listening to the videos on this youtube channel. Do you know of a similar channel for folk songs, but in english?
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I don't know of any channels, but if the parts that are tickling your fancy are the group a cappella pieces, if you want something similar in English you can find a wealth of them in sea shanties and work songs. I'm sure there's tons of channels devoted to both genres.

And though it's in Russian, I'd recommend checking out the Dmitri Pokrov Ensemle, as they're a favorite of mine in that genre. I used to blast them at the end of concerts I was running as I enjoyed working to them but it would clear the drunks out pretty quickly most of the time.
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He has a bunch of the Childe ballads and some others.
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In Russian and less prolific , but the soundtrack to the birchpunk series is good russian folk (about sf things)
here's the first song that I enjoyed

A similar vibe (but not a great match) from tuuletar or maybe mountain man (in english, at least!)

Also feel free to disregard, but try some barbershop quartets. If you can deal with the barbershopness of it, there is a lot of good vocal harmonizing that might scratch the same itch?

Lots and lots of bluegrass has the same kind of tight vocal harmony that might be what you like about that amazing channel! I'm not going to link to any particular artists or I'll be here all day, but take a moment to remember the o brother where art thou soundtrack and if that sounds about right then you've got a whole world to explore.

I'll be listening to the channel you linked in your question, though! Excellent find!
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I think this playlist is probably closer to what you're thinking of.
Not quite the same, and not a whole channel, but at least it's a lot of folk music in english.
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