What are the current challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?
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What are the current challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

I've done a cursory amount of research into what challenges those affected by Hurricane Katrina at the local level are currently facing but I'm wondering if others have any ideas or suggestions. I plan to travel through the Gulf Coast states and on to New Orleans looking at the current situation and trying to help where I can. I'm hoping to do some photojournalism along the way.
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Volunteers from the Claiborne-University Neighborhood Association, a roughly 300-member group formed after the storm, were pitching in to provide signs needed by repair contractors and other drivers unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

Requests have been made through Councilman Jay Batt's office for official replacement signs, but no one expects City Hall to get around to that task anytime soon.

So for now, homemade signs will have to do.

I think this is interesting because it points out how people are now doing the jobs that used to fall on their government. Visually, it's interesting to see all the handmade signage around town.
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Also, don't neglect visiting the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. They took most of the damage, but you don't hear as much about it. Please email me with any specific questions you might have.
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