Help me learn about the lens like device used by photographers.
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What is the lens like device that photographers use to view photographs at very close range (almost next to their faces) and why do they use it?
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It's called a loupe. It's for magnifying small detail.

It's often used for viewing contact sheets, which is where each printed shot is the same size as the original film (very small).
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I think it's called a loupe, and they use it for magnification - to check for fine detail, signs of manipulation, etc.
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do you mean a loupe? it's a magnifying device to help see details.
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They are normally used in conjunction with a light table, especially for inspecting negatives or slides. The magnification is typically around 4X but you can find them in sizes up to 10X and higher. You can get a cheap loupe for like $5 but the optics will be shit.
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They are quite useful for checking grain and contrast, even on bigger enlargments. A used 10X (+) loupe is actually pretty inexpensive; I got a nice heavy glass Agfa for $12 on craigslist recently. Try ebay too.
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Then there is also a magnifier called a Linen Tester. This performs the same function, but it folds up so you can put it in your pocket.
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Loupes are also used by gemologists and geologists to see fine details in gems & rocks.
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Graphic Designers swear by linen testers too. You can't do a press check without one...
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Thanks for the prompt replies!
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There are loupes and then there are loupes. Back when professional photographers were shooting film, most of them used the Schneider 4X Loupe, which was very sharp and easy on the eyes when editing a lot of film. I've had one for 20 years and still use it regularly. They are also used for focusing large-format cameras. Schneider makes them in various other magnifications as well.
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