Clothes for the curvy - Bravissimo replacement
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With the devastating news that Bravissimo will stop selling clothes, I'm looking for replacement retailers / brands that similarly stock clothes that fit women with big boobs. Preferably one that is based in / ships to the EU.

The great thing about Bravissimo was that they sold clothes in 3 'curvy' sizes along with each dress size and so I could get clothes that fit me everywhere, instead of having to size up to fit my chest or get clothes tailored. There have to be other retailers providing for the well-endowed among us. Help me Metafilter!
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Did you see the list of retailers at the bottom of the link you posted?
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I have a petite busty frame ( wear a 36FF UK bra and I'm 5 foot 4/163 cm, with most of my height in my legs), and I have had really good experiences with Urkye, which is based in Poland. They're an excellent resource for cotton basics with armholes and straps that cover your bra and seaming that enables your clothes to follow the curves of your body (none of the boxy shape that results when you're wearing something that hangs straight down from the widest part of your torso).

Other customers with similar proportions to my own -- like Hourglassy blogger Darlene also have given Urkye positive reviews,, though I've sold an Urkye dress because the hem hit at an awkward place on my legs (Darlene had a tailor shorten this dress). A commenter on the above Hourglassy link who is 5 foot 9 and wears a 36GG bra said they were not able to find clothes on Urkye that worked for them, FYI.

Ula, who started and still owns Urkye, is friendly and answers questions about sizing quite promptly. She has two sizing charts: one for her tailored clothes, such as button-up blouses, and the other one for knits. (Each chart is in both inches and centimeters.)

Delivery to the East Coast of the US from Poland is within 7 to 10 days, so I imagine it would be faster for residents of the EU.

Hope this is useful to you!
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Also,, a good resource: Hourglassy has a list of large-bust clothing brands in the US, the UK, the EU, Japan and Australia. Scroll down at the above link to see a list of mainstream clothing brands from the US, the UK, the EU and Australia with which Hourglassy writers have had good experiences. (Both sets of lists include links to any Hourglassy reviews of the brand's offerings.)
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Seconding Urkye. I have a more lanky frame - 5'8/173cm and a 30GG UK bust - but still get a good fit with their knit shirts and dresses. For crisper/heavier woven fabrics like dress shirts, blazers and coats I still buy a size that fits my bust and take it to my local tailor; nothing else ever fits half as well.

Eshakti ($-$$) and Ureshii ($$-$$$) do custom measurement clothing and I've had good results with them in the past. Eshakti's specialty is trend clothing with customizable detailing while Ureshii makes classic basics in higher-end fabrics (wool, linen, organic cotton, etc). Ureshii's international shipping is spendy post-Covid and Eshakti is US only, which requires a re-shipping service or helpful friend to get it to the EU. Both are worth it, in my opinion.

From the recommended replacements list, ASOS fuller bust was a disaster fit for me. Wrong height/shape/tapering - just, everything, all of it, wrong.
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