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Nike has finally changed the magic formula in their standard ankle athletic socks that I bought for years, and doesn't look like they're going back. I am trying to buy up as many of the remaining scarce stock I can find without hoarding. I used to raid DSW but they've switched em out. Is there some way to hunt for socks based on.. ingredients?

fave socks:

NIKE Performance Cushion Quarter Socks

old, fave version.
69% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 2% Spandex

new, creepy ingredients
79% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 2% Spandex

I say "creepy" because I hate the feeling that my feet have wearing the new version. I've tried a variety of socks best I can over time, but can never seem to find others that don't make me want to rip them off. Nike has others with 'dri fit', and I've tested 'cool max'. Wool isn't great either but in the dead of winter I deal. (Yes, I realize that weird feelings can be a sign of neuropathy etc, and that is indeed another problem I have now - but I found this has bugged me most of my life, long before I had my pile of health issues).

I realize I can just gaze at sock stats deep-clicking online all day, but was wondering if there was an easier way to track down socks sorted by fiber makeup.

If brand/type matters - I don't like thin dress socks (same feeling from most of them), and I prefer ones that maintain their elasticity most of the day. Other than that I'm in the USA.

Thanks MeFiteSock experts. : )
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Best answer: That is hard to search for. I did find one company that is mostly (all?) cotton-nylon-spandex, and they specialize in complicated knitted patterns so maybe they’ll stick with what works: the sock drawer
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Have you checked out your local Nike Outlet? That's probably where they're sticking old stock. There, or maybe TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Sierra Trading Post if you're in the US (also Winners is in the same realm of stores in Canada).
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Best answer: These Everlast socks have the same proportion of materials as your old Nike ones.
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Response by poster: Thanks peoples! Yes, the stock has been old for a while now... i'm surprised I was able to find it online again (couldn't find any the last few months).
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