African Vocalist Musician Sings Spiritual and Soft Songs - Name?
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Can't remember and nothing is coming up in searches. He had first name and last, soft, melodic (very), I think there were African flutes in his songs, and IIRC he was Senegalese but can't be 100% sure. Not Youssou. Argh. Can anyone help me find him? Thank you.
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Baaba Maal?
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Salif Keita?
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Best answer: Maybe one of
Ayub Ogada
Mechanic Manyeruke
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Response by poster: YES !!! My beloved Ayub. Thank you SOO much @rongorongo
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone who replied - all great music.
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No problem! A little more about the late Ayub Ogada here. He spent quite a lot of his life in the UK and seems to be better known aboard than in Kenya.
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We've been doing a lovely meditative dance to Nyandolo and I've been wondering who the artist was, so, thanks.
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