What is the best app to track blood pressure?
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I only want to record my blood pressure every day. I don't want to wear an Apple Watch, I don't want to track any other things about my body, I don't want anything intrusive. I just want to keep track of the one thing. I used to use Apple Health but it got prohibitively complex and now feels useless. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: What do you use to take your blood pressure? I've got an Omron device and the companion app is relatively cruft-free.
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Response by poster: I use an Omron but it's a bit older. I am not sure if it links to an app but I'll check it out!
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Best answer: I use Blood Pressure Monitor. The free version does everything I need it to.
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Best answer: Agreeing with the Omron app if you can get it to work with your device. It logs your readings and can produce them as a list, spreadsheet or as a graph for you to compare. It doesn't ask for any other data. You can set it to show a warning or notation when the numbers reach a certain point but it won't make assumptions about your health. Anything that isn't an arm cuff is going to be pointless because it won't give you an accurate reading.
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Best answer: I use an older Omron and just record my bp in a no-frills spreadsheet on my computer. I don't like the idea of sharing this information with anyone, even through an app (my monitor is too old to work with the app anyhow).
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Best answer: I use the Qardio app, which works great. But you'd need the Qardio wireless BP cuff (which also works great if you're in the market for a new device). Compared to the Omron I used to have, the Qardio cuff is way smaller and easier to use and store.
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I use the free version of Avax: you write in the numbers, it shows them in a little graph or in a list and if you want you can export as a table. That is all I need. Because it kept signaling in colour that my BP was elevated it finally got me on beta blockers.
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I've got an Omron that has a built-in memory for readings (that also includes time and date) but doesn't have any connectivity/app capability. I just hit save when I take a reading and then I call up the saved readings and plunk them into a spreadsheet every so often. There are lots of templates for tracking bp readings out there, like this one for Excel.
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I use BP Companion on my ipod or phone. I don't have the sort of sphygmomanometer that connects to an app, I just take the average of my second and third reading and type it in. I use the free version (or maybe I paid a dollar or two for it, years ago), with no ads, and was happy to find it can export the data.
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I work the same way as mandolin conspiracy. The fewer important jobs I need to entrust to a horrible little touchscreen fondleslab, the happier I am.
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