How to keep most delicious basset hound tail out of basset hound mouth?
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My basset hound has a sore on her tail that she will not stop licking and gnawing on. It’s now swollen a bit and looking more red. We have an appointment to see the vet on Thursday, but until then we would love to find a way to keep her from fussing with her tail. We haven’t been able to find a cone that actually keeps our long-bodied girl from getting to her tail. She chews off bandages and ignores the sprays meant to deter licking and chewing. I am desperate for your suggestions! Pet tax
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The spray that you've tried... was it bitter apple? If not, give that a try.
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How long does it take her to chew off a bandage? I know it’s ridiculous to suggest a battle of wills with a basset, but have you tried just putting the bandage back on over and over until she accepts it (or you go to the vet)? Providing as much distraction as possible will help.
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I had some success with dilute cider vinegar which stopped my dog from licking a hot spot and also helped heal it.
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Ask the vet for some form of anesthetic salve or cream.
Distract her with chewy toys and treats.
If it comes to it, use a muzzle a little bit of the time.
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Best answer: Petco (if not others) sells a bitter bandage. Something of an investment (and, I'm gonna guess, an ordeal), but you could get a tailsaver.

Otherwise a muzzle might be necessary.
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Google "Pants for dogs" - yep there is such a thing and there's a wide range of types and sizes.
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Weird idea, but…put a condom over the bandage?
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the suggestions! We have tried most of the suggestions listed here, but the tail saver is new to me and looks like it might be what we need, so I marked that as best answer, but any of the answers might help someone else with the same issue.
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Response by poster: I just wanted to follow up to say the tailsaver arrived so fast after I ordered it and was just the thing to give my hound's tail a break for a few days so the wound could heal. Thanks for the help, all!
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