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I am trying to find a API with high-quality data (title, subtitle, author, release date, cover image if possible) about all books.

I've found OpenLibrary, but it seems to have quite a lot of spam on it — I'm looking for something that's better curated. (Yes, I have reported the spam I saw, but there's too much for me to want to use it).

What else is out there? My requirements:
  • Accurate data
  • Complete data (at least everything with a ISBN)
  • Up-to-date data
  • Inexpensive or free
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to search for a book by title/subtitle/author
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Response by poster: Oh, and one more thing: It would be excellent if it had some way to normalize different editions of the same book into a single object with a canonical ID. That's not a requirement, though.
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The Goodreads API stopped adding new users a year ago and many people are looking for alternatives. Google have a Books API and ISBNdb and NYTimes are cited in this listicle of Books API's.

Goodreads still has its webpage interface if you can abide page-scraping and whack-a-mole blocking and keeping the scraper accurate.
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