Help me identify this sectional couch-part!
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Last year, I bought my wife this corner part of a modular sectional couch thing as a holiday gift. We love it! It's comfortable and nice. We'd like to get more pieces! But... I can't remember what the company was called, and I can't find an invoice or shipping information in my email. 99% sure it's a Canadian company. It shipped all compressed like those podcast mattresses, and you stuffed the compressed foam into a zippered shell. Photos here:

I remember that I saw it advertised on Instagram... I think. I feel like it had a goofy Web 2.0 "we've eliminated the vowels and passed the savings on to you" name like CMFRT or something.

The couches are modular and you can buy units that then use straps to snap together to make the full couch. I... think it was a Canadian company, or at least shipped from within Canada.

This corner piece was around CAD$300, I think.

It is not:
  • A Nugget (or any other kind of "play couch")
  • A Cozey (they have legs; this does not)
  • A Mobilia (not quite right and I find the font they use on their site for the couch names deeply distressing)
  • A Transformer Couch (and it was definitely not a Kickstarter or other kind of crowdfunding effort -- I bought and paid for the product straight up)
I'm doing my head in with searches, and maybe this was just a fly-by-night thing that folded during COVID? But if you can help me figure out this furniture's provenance, a thousand thank-yous!
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If not, searching “bean bag sectional” may help you find it.
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Response by poster: It's close but I don't think that's it -- the colours aren't quite right, and their sectionals seem to zip together rather than clip with the straps that ours has -- but that's a great tip to search for bean bag!
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I find the font they use on their site for the couch names deeply distressing
I checked, ready to judge you. But you are right; what the hell is wrong with people.

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Is it Lovesac? They endlessly advertise to me and they are tempting.
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Best answer: Norka Delca?
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Home Reserve?
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Can you check your bank statements? You should be able to filters the bank / credit card charges by dates and dollar amounts. Are there any tags inside the zips or underneath?
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Legacy Classic Crash Pad?
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Article? This one has clips.
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Google Lens found the Delca corner, which looks plausible.

Edit: I missed the earlier mention of this!
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Response by poster: It was the Norka Delca! Hooray! Thank you all very much.
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