What would a minimum viable stretching routine look like?
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In the past, I've only stretched regularly when a particular muscle was bugging me. But now I'm working out every day, and I feel like that means I'm supposed to be stretching too. Right now I'm just sort of picking stretches at random, which I guess is fine. But how do I make sure I'm not leaving gaps? Or over-stretching specific muscles? I'd like a basic routine that most coaches would look at and be like "yeah, that's good enough." Does that exist?
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Best answer: I like this one: https://phrakture.github.io/molding-mobility.html but I'm not a coach, trainer, or doc.
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I honestly don't think that stretching before or after exercise is necessary. I left the US about 20 years ago, so for all my younger life I was told that static stretching was the only way to do it. Then I lived in a place where they bounced to stretch and thought static stretching was unsafe. Personally I'm lazy and careless, so I never really ever stretched in my life, but apparently there is very little evidence that stretching before or after exercise matters (that website said stretching in general is a good idea, but it isn't related to injury prevention in exercise).

So, basically I wouldn't worry about it that much.
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Plyometrics of some sort (there are many sport-specific routines) are probably more effective. Most athletes "stretch" to "loosen" their muscles, but really, what you want is increased blood-flow to those muscles and a way to activate the groups you want to use.
After exercise you want to do a cool-down routine, or use foam rollers to clear the built up lactate from the muscles you use. This will help your recovery and make your next warm-up easier.
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Best answer: I like Hybrid Calesthenics morning stretching routine, but not sure if it’s just for the morning or what. It’s basically wall slides, bridge reaches…, downward dog, twists and dead hangs.
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I still do the warmup/stretching routine from the last jazz dance class I took decades ago. It's very similar to this one.
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I do a shortened version of this Yoga for low back pain, which is basically a gentle yoga flow. It loosens the hips and back which are key. If I do it regularly I wake up feeling quite good


Also I don’t stress about doing this “cold” either (aka doing a 15 min version before bed, not directly after exercise. As long as I do a bit I feel the positive effects.
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I have a streak of 0 days of the 5x Sun Salutation A and 3x Sun Salutation B from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. The goal is reconnecting with and warming up a body you've let sleep overnight, not deep flexibility as soon as you're done. (I also have a streak of 0 days doing the Ashtanga yoga standing sequence.)
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Stretch if you're doing rehab, or trying to increase flexibility. Too much flexibility will make you prone to injury.

Stretch if it clearly helps you have less muscle soreness.

But stretching in a different way every time will also make you prone to injury, so whatever you do, pick a routine and stick with it.

Mostly, I warm up for weightlifthing by lifting lighter weights, not by stretching; *what* you're pairing with stretching will determine a good bit of what might be useful for you.
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