How can I track down first doses of Paxlovid in New York City?
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I hope nobody I know gets Covid during this holiday season, but it certainly might happen, and they might be high-risk for severe disease. I've read that the first 4500 or so rounds of the newly approved antiviral drug from Pfizer, Paxlovid, is being shipped to New York City in the next few days.

How might a person find out exactly to which medical facilities those doses are being shipped? (I have a feeling that if one called one's doctor and said, "Hey I just tested positive and I'm high-risk for severe Covid, could you get me some o' that Paxlovid?" they would be met with a "hell if I know.") I'd like to improve on that.

Any ideas? (Oh, and I don't know anybody who works at Pfizer).
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Your doctor almost certainly knows how to find out how to get this drug. There is a paxlovid FAQ here that says “ Q. How can Paxlovid be obtained for use under the EUA?
A. For questions on how to obtain Paxlovid, please contact”
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Best answer: I dont actually know, but I think you chances are better if your doc is connected to a major network.

Unfortunately, the amount available for January is about equal to 1 day's requirement.
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which medical facilities

It's intended for at-home-via-prescription use, so pharmacy hunting is very likely to become more productive as it becomes more available.
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Be forewarned that in the earliest days when there won’t be enough supply for everyone who wants it, some hospital systems/medical centers may prioritize access to the unvaccinated*, who are less protected from more severe outcomes. So you’ll also want to figure out in the coming days what sort of Rx criteria are being utilized and where.

*link to a similar scenario
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