What do I ask for at the hardware store to fix this nasty situation?
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I replaced the toilet seat and this is the result. What do I ask for at Bunnings to hide/fix this really quite nasty sight?
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How did the old one cover that problem? It's hard to tell why this problem just cropped up with the new seat - it looks like any seat would have the same problem?
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Can you remove that panel entirely? Or is it covering some sort of gap between the tank and the bowl?
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It's really hard to tell what I'm looking at. The rough edge looks like cardboard?
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Best answer: We have a Caroma tank and seat set with a cover plate arrangement that looks like the one that seems to have been cut off short in your photo. Was it like that before you replaced the seat, or did you cut it yourself because there was no way to make it fit over the hinge supports for the new seat?

Easiest fix would be just to unclip that plate from under the tank and discard it. This will expose the delivery pipe that connects the bottom of the tank to the back of the pedestal, but will stop your toilet looking like somebody has attacked it with a handsaw.

I don't believe Caroma still makes that model - it's very 1970s - so I doubt you'd be able to find a replacement cover plate even if you could track down the seat set that the front of the cover plate is supposed to fit into the back of. It's certainly not designed to be compatible with the generic-looking seat fixings shown in your photo.

Best thing to do at Bunnings would be find somebody in the bathrooms section, show them your photo, and ask what they can offer you to improve it. Perhaps take photos of what it looks like with the plate entirely removed as well, with closeups of where it clipped in at the bottom of the tank.
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If you can't or don't want to remove the plate entirely, a quick, few dollar option would be to cut it back a bit further from the new fixtures and put a strip of plastic trim over the rough edge. It will still look a little odd, but more finished than it does now.
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The fitting on this seat might cover the rough edge that has been exposed?
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Best answer: You are after a connector/connection plate/link - and try googling for the model of toilet / toilet seat that you have if you know it e.g. Caroma, Fowler, Estilo. See, for example, this one at Bunnings.

If the toilet seat you replaced isn't exactly the same as the old one, it won't sit over the cut edge of the connector to hide it. When you buy the connector piece, you will often need to cut it to the length required for your particular set-up so that the rough edge is hidden underneath the hinge part of the seat. It is possible that the seat you have will not really do that for any (depending on its design), but a new connector cut straighter and more cleanly at the right place would look better. But hopefully the new seat can accommodate a connector piece cut to the right size.

I think last time I looked for one, the piece I needed was special order at Bunnings (as per the link above). I was also surprised that many were often stupidly expensive, like over $100, although the linked one is only $52. Plus you will need something to cut it with.
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Also, I can’t tell but maybe the existing plate is fine but needs to be cut a little more to fit under the hinge plate of your new seat? I mean it looks so bad now that it is probably not terrible to try trimming it and see if that helps it sit under or flush with the edge of the seat hinge plate. When I swapped my seat over, the connector plate was just a little too big for the new seat - I only wanted a new one because it had also discoloured in that way crappy white plastic does.
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maybe the existing plate is fine but needs to be cut a little more to fit under the hinge plate of your new seat?

From the photo it seems like the new seat has individual hinge bolt covers rather than a hinge plate, which is the whole trouble.
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