Trying to walk out of here and buy groceries on a fried drumstick
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Any recommendations for grocery delivery in Vancouver, BC?

I busted my right leg in three places a couple of weeks ago. I'm back at work, but my mobility is seriously limited and I can't realistically do any kind of grocery shopping on crutches, at least until I get my walking cast and have had it for a few weeks. I don't like to rely on friends to do this kind of thing for me.

I'm looking for recommendations for local (Vancouver, BC) grocery delivery services from people who have had grocery delivery by those services (that is, please don't just Google and tell me "Spud delivers to you on Thursdays" -- I know this; I'm looking for recommendations.)

In particular, how has the turnaround time been for delivery? How flexible are their delivery times? (I am out of the house during business hours every weekday). Selection? Am I out of luck trying to order name-brand diet cola from organic shops? This kind of info would be helpful.

Thanks vey much!
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I used to have a standing order with Spuds. They were great, but you can't order and have stuff appear the next day.

If I were to start up delivery again, I'd go with Stong's. I haven't ordered from them, but I used to go to their grocery store. They're well known for their customer service. My cousin used to order stuff from them when she was at SFU -- it was easier to have stuff come to her than to truck down the mountain.

As for other stores, my friend actually gets the Burrard IGA to deliver stuff to her for free because she lives half a block a way. They consider it the same as helping her out to her car.

You could also go with Safeway or another store that delivers, but I personally find it easier to use an online catalogue. So I'd urge you to try out Stong's. Besides, unlike SPUDS, you're not stuck with vegetarian and all natural solutions. Not that there's anything wrong with those things, but maybe you have unique Coke Zero!
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Many supermarkets deal with this - call and ask for their customer service desk. Explain that you're homebound for the next three weeks and ask if they have a delivery service.

I would have never replied to this ask.meta...except you said:
I don't like to rely on friends to do this kind of thing for me.

This past year I had a serious health problem. I'm the sort that helps often and doesn't have to be asked twice. My friends came out of the woodwork to help.

So, ask them. You're going to need shopping done, what, twice for a three week period? Ask for help, let them know it'll be about a two hour committment and then buy them a case a beer.
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I went with Spud for awhile and was very happy... but for full grocery replacement they're a little too pricey. Great produce, but not enough depth of catalogue for your needs I think!
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Thanks for the help, folks.

acoutu: as a matter of fact, yup, Coke Zero is my drug of choice. ;)
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Somehow, I just knew that.
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