Apple Watch app for habit tracking
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I am looking for an Apple Watch app that allows me to track habits and behaviors. My ideal app would be like Reminders, but I could mark a behavior as "Yes I did it" or "No I didn't" and I could export historical data to see when I did/did not complete the behavior over the last X weeks. What app am I looking for?

Responding to the prompts on my watch is strongly preferred. I'd consider an app that pinged me on my watch but required me to actually enter the data on my phone, but I'm trying to minimize friction as much as possible.

I would like to be able to set a bunch of behaviors on their own cadence, just like I can set a variety of reminders. Some might be daily at 7pm, others might be every MWF at noon, etc.

Bonus points if I can create more than just a yes/no data point. I'd love to be able to give myself a 1-10 score on some behaviors.
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Streaks allows you to mark items complete from the watch. The cadence is highly customizable, and you can set a target of multiple item completions per day (e.g. brush my teeth twice a day, and you would mark it done each time). The reminders are also very customizable. They don’t have the option for a 1-10 rating though.
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Came in to recommend Streaks as well.
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