OUAC (Ontario University Application) requires a 12 digit student number
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OUAC requires a 12 digit number, but the teen in my household who is applying has a 9 digit number. Googling a bit, I see some suggestion that the solution is to add zeros in front of the number you have to get up to 12 digits, but no workarounds are to be found on the OUAC FAQs. Can anyone confirm this is the correct work around?

Yes, guidance counsellors should be able to answer this question, but with 1 day left before the holiday break and the looming threat of students not returning in person combined with the Jan 13th deadline for applications, I am hoping someone here can advise. Thanks in advance
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Not sure if this will be any help, but daughter just dredged up an email from 2015 from OUAC, in which she was assigned an 11-digit number. She says that in her recollection she was assigned the number when registering with OUAC. It's not the same as the school board student number.
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Yep, I think delphic has it - I received a User ID when I first applied (2 characters + 7 digits) and then a 10-digit OUAC Reference Number once I'd submitted an application.

Both of those were emailed to me as part of the application process.
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Response by poster: Currently we are stuck at the registration process and need to input the student’s 12 digit high school student number, as far as I can interpret
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Best answer: This OUAC guidance page explains what they mean by Student Number: One of my students has lost their access codes. What can I do?
Student Number: The 12-digit number assigned by your board that is unique for each student
This OUAC transcript of a video for guidance counsellors, training them to issue OUAC PINs mentions the padding thing, which seems official enough to me. (SSSN: Secondary School Student Number. OEN: Ontario Education Number.)
Tip: The SSSN must be 12 digits long. If your school’s student numbers are shorter, add zeros to the beginning of the number.

If your school does not have student numbers, enter the OEN with added zeros at the beginning.
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