Music/logic apps?
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Fairly early in the smartphone era, I had a phone game that was a logic game or puzzle using simple geometry and also ?harmony?, represented by something like fluid dynamics. It was pleasant to listen to and got difficult pretty quickly. I think it started in black and white and developed colors. The name was vaguely portentous, and maybe started with R. Do you remember such a thing?

Any recommendations for logic-and-music-but-not-speed games would be appreciated. No Wii analogs or jumpy things with good soundtracks. If you play an analog instrument and find the musicmaking in the app interesting, I'd especially like to know.
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Best answer: Auditorium was a Flash game I played many, many years ago that seems similar to what you describe aside from the name! The gameplay involves placing different blobs (faster, slower, split, etc) around a playing field to direct various streams. There's also a Steam version which might be more playable.
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I do not know if this is what you are thinking of, but simple geometry puzzle games often have the word "tangram" in them and said link may be of benefit.
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Response by poster: Auditorium! That's it! Amazing that you got there from my description, Brassica oleracea. Thanks.

The nearest other thing of the type I have found, future readers, is NodeBeat, which isn't technically a puzzle but has a lot of figuring-out in it.
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thanks clew; that's neat. gonna see if i can get my alzheimer's-addled loved one to play with it. or my kid. on edit: oh, and me, of course. i'm playing with it now.
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