"these blow up in funny shapes at all?"
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my round, global map, mouse pad freebie (oracle, circa 1994) is gross. can i wash it? or do you have a cool (new) round mousepad link?

nothing for gaming, please, (icemat, func, aluminum, mouse rugs, please no.) and it must match a black logitech v200 wireless and a immaculate G3 iBook. i like dark colors cuz they don't show dirt.... i like round, well, cuz i do.

yeah, i'm picky, and i don't really want to design one a' la cafe press.

"Not unless round is funny."
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Search for MicroThin at Office Depot's site — they have mouse pads which are apparently very thin. Some are round, and some are black, though I don't see any which are both. Unfortunately MicroThin itself seems to sell only customized mouse pads to corporations in minimum quantities of 1,000.
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Why do you need a mousepad if you have an optical mouse?
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Paris: old skool, i guess. i just like the way the mouse glides silently over the surface, rather than bumping over the woodgrain of my desk.
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Exactly how nerdy are you? (I bought one and some other stuff too.)
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Holy crap that UN SPACY pad is GEEEK-E!
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Is there an IKEA near you? They've got black ones with a "durable, wipe-clean surface" and cheapo, round foam pads, too.
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Yes, you can wash it very easily, provided the foam is not disintegrating. Put it in a sink with dishwasher liquid and hot water. Let it soak. Attack stubborn stains with a toothbrush. Rinse by letting water run over one side at a time while you rub. It should look like new.
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thanks ROTFL!
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