Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vs. Malaria?
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Years ago in Italy I was watching late night network tv, and they used to love to show really strange stuff for insomniac viewing... Anyway, I saw then an odd Disney public service cartoon that was probably produced right after WWII with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs about how to prevent malaria. You know, like telling Dopey to dump standing water out of abandoned tires and the like. Has anybody ever seen this too? Know where I might be able to find it (and others like it?) Or did I just dream the whole thing?? :-) Thanks!!
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Looks like it might have been "The Winged Scourge" (1943) which is on this DVD.
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I can't help you find that specific public service cartoon, but the Prelinger Archives ( has a fantastic collection of ephemeral films ("advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur") of the sort that you've described. One of the all time great classics is Duck and Cover (, a civil defense film that, frankly, terrifies me.
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I think gubo nailed it - looks like it is the Winged Scourge.
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Here's another Disney public service cartoon about venereal diseases...I'm kinda glad Snow White's not in this one.

I have the DVD gubo mentioned and it's FULL of this stuff! Sweet...
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If you like this sort of stuff, you might be interested in the censored eleven. They can be found a various cult video dealers, or occasionally on BitTorrent in the usual places.
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