How to organize a self-curated online curriculum of tutorials
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Preferably without losing my mind. I am trying to learn Blender. It's awesome! There's an embarrassment of resources out there! Some of them are organized into helpful lists, some are playlists on youtube, some are forum posts, etc, etc. I'm struggling with how to organize these resources so that I can reliably and easily find them and access them as I'm ready for them. How do you manage this? Because right now I have approximately 17 million tabs open and my computer is unhappy.
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It sounds like you need a simple list of links that you can sort, categorize, and reorder the way you want.
For this sort of thing, I like Workflowy.

And, good luck learning Blender! Did you make a doughnut yet?
And, DM me if you want to share your workflowy list of tutorials. I'm learning, too.
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This is a very good use-case for pinboard.

And, DM me if you want to share your workflowy list of tutorials. I'm learning, too.

Same for me, I'm always up for resource sharing when it comes to Blender.
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I really like Wakelet as a tool that’s a little more shareable and slicker than a Pinboard for organizing stuff.
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Response by poster: (I did make a donut, but there is now a NEW donut, for 3.0! I wonder how it's going to change.)
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hmmm this might make me old fashioned but i would organize these links into a google doc, maybe with a column for the link, a description are, and column for tags.
added bonus: it shares beautifully and allows for collaboration
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Make a Notion list to yourself?
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I love and pay for Diigo. It is old school, but you can save the site- it also will do an advanced Cache, you decide the tags, and you can also make "outliners" where you highlight text on the webpage you are saving, and you can put all the highlighted items in one text. It is really for academic texts, but I use it for things like compiling links I want to share with other educators as well as lists of things like Christmas gift ideas.
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