Finding a building's owner.
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How can I find the name of the owner of a piece of real estate?

In NYC, one can go on and find the parcel number and then go on to find the deeds and look at those to determine the owner. But someone was sitting at my computer and pulled up a site that showed a map and you could just highlight a building in red, and the owner information popped right up. It did not require registration. I missed the web address, anyone know what it is?
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You don't mean This will get you parcel numbers and other public assessor data, but I don't think it includes the name. I think it only shows residential info.
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That's a usefule site, mullac, but what I thought I saw over the shoulder was a black and white graphic map, and selected properties were highlighted in red. It gave the owner's info directly.
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MightyMap. Click on a neighborhood name, then click on a parcel to turn it red. The parcel's info box shows up on the right. Click the "owner" link just above.
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I know its already been answered, but as an aside, GIS datasets usually have this, and are often made available by the city/county/etc. The owner, along with how much they paid, what it was assessed at, what's built on it, etc is usually publically available data through the shapefiles.
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