Best way to support Covid vaccines across the world
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I'd like to use my resources to support the global vaccination plan. What's the best place for donations? Unicef? CoVax? Gates foundation? Red Cross? I'm in Canada, and it would be nice to get a tax receipt, but not crucial. What organization can use my money the most effectively, to give Covid vaccinations in the developing areas of the world?
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We supported Doctors Without Borders for this reason. You can read about how the Canadian charter is responding to Covid-19 on their website.
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American Jewish World Service is also doing some work to support vaccine equity.
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I gave to UNICEF as I figured they are the vaccine specialists in that they have years of experience in vaccination campaigns in the developing world.
I got a tax receipt (but I am in Western Europe).

If you care about vaccine equity one additional thing you may want to do is support the TRIPS waiver campaign.
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