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I'd like to find a more effective way to filter out results that are (generally speaking) cheap generic goods with stock photos from overseas manufacturers/wholesalers on ebay. I do not want to exclude the "new with tags" items that are often closeouts/etc from known brands. Increasingly, these items are listed as being located in the US, so using the US only filter doesn't work. Is there a better way? A browser extension is fine.
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Response by poster: As an example - I'm looking for inexpensive duvet covers, and I want to filter out results like this. Nothing against that particular seller or item, but I'd rather see a mix of closeouts from stores (I've bought a lot of inexpensive brand new Threshold/Target brand sheet sets on ebay that seemed to be closeouts, for example) + people's individual used/opened and unused items from brands I've heard of or can google than this unknown random manufacturer.
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Would filtering for "auction only" work? I feel your pain, and I'm a little unnerved to hear that the "US only" filter doesn't always screen them out.
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Response by poster: Would filtering for "auction only" work?

"auction only" does seem to help, but overall I'd way rather do "buy it now" and many of the sellers I DO want to see don't offer auctions either, so it's not ideal.
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I have the the Fakespot plugin and it immediately warned me of "Seller Caution" for that listing. I have no idea what it's criteria is for a suspicious seller, but it might be worth installing and testing against known good listings?
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The example you posted has a Supplier Rating with 98.7% positive feedback which is terrible.

Good Ebay sellers will have a rating of 99.8% or better, so the ideal would be to search or filter by that Supplier Rating, unfortunately Ebay don't allow you to do that, the only way is to check every listing manually.
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Response by poster: To redirect, I am specifically looking to filter out the sorts of items I described (cheap generic goods being sold by people who have a bunch of them to sell) rather than looking for advice about whether any given seller is trustworthy.
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Filtering by "accepts offers" eliminates a lot of the drop-shippers while still letting you use "Buy It Now" (you don't have to make an offer, even).
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I have had this problem for ages, and I have tried every combination of search features. Nothing is foolproof. I think sellers like that actually rely on that fact. We may just have to spend time sifting through! Watching this question with great interest.
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Mod note: A couple deleted. As a quick note, let's please not become bogged down in a seller-rating back and forth convo. Assume OP understands that low-ish ratings could indicate a seller with the sort of items they don't want, but the illustrative example was really *just* about the items, and there are plenty of sellers with high ratings selling the same items, so a search by seller ratings (if even possible) is not going to eliminate or usefully curb the sorts of results OP is trying to avoid. Thank you!
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This is a really clunky workaround, but ebay search is super+ boolean good, so if you're finding that the baddies tend to use any words or especially strings of words that stand out, you can -(word) and -("string of words") the crap out of them in your search and eliminate them. So if I was looking for queen duvet covers and didn't want to find that particular one and its copies, I would search for queen duvet covers -("3pcs Comforter") and that would eliminate all of those. And you can add all the other repeating spammers in the -( each one separated by a comma, ) string as well.
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