My dad's last request - a shot of bourbon
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My dad loved the movie the hustler and drank JTS Brown his whole life until he quit drinking a few years back. I'm sitting with him in hospice now and he made a last request that I get a bottle of JTS Brown and pour a shot for everyone at his funeral. He knows how much I love bourbon (because of him) and that I'll get this done for him. Except Ive never seen it in Florida (sorry, I'm in Florida) and can't seem to find it online for shipping.

Any links to places that ship to Florida or any other tips about how to get a couple bottles would be most appreciated. I'm not sure how long I've got but... It won't be too much longer. If I thought I had time I'd just drive to Kentucky nonstop and get some.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Best answer: It looks like this could be an option and will ship any of their products to Florida.

Sorry for your loss.
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It seems to be available at Total Wine when I picked Naples, Florida (just as something to enter and MIGHT be available for delivery depending where you are.

Good luck to you.
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Are there any brown-liquor bars in driving distance that might have this in its selection? If you call around you might find one who can help you out after they hear the story.
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Response by poster: Thank you squid lips on order. Let's see if they make it happen.

Happy for any backups.... Total wine does not have it in florida, I checked. Not sure why it shows for you but it does not for me.
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I will drink a bit of bourbon and toast to him this evening.
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Best answer: This is one of my favorite cheap pours. Next bottle that makes it to the house, I'll have some for him. If things fall through through traditional/normal means and I need to try and make a clandestine package come through, let me know.
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Response by poster: thanks to squidlips i have the bourbon in hand. thanks to all for the suggestions and offers.
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