Need help finding full text of a journal article
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How might a person find the full-text version of this journal article: "Videogames in Computer Space: The Complex History of Pong" by Henry Lowood? It's from the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. Jul-Sep2009, Vol. 31 Issue 3.

I have so many resources from my library for retrieving journal articles, but all I seem to be able to pull is the abstract. Our kid needs it for a research project and I want to help, but am loathe to pay IEEE thritysomething bucks for it.
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Best answer: Here's he PDF.

I found it through, which is better than the standard web search at getting papers.
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Response by poster: Boom! Thank you!
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Glad you got it. If you have this need in the future, there's a helpful tool called Unpaywall that keeps track of when a free version of an article is available, I've found it useful many times!
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You can often also email one of the authors of a paper to get a copy.
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There's a page on the wiki for finding the "full text of non-open-access academic articles". Perhaps Unpaywall should be added there; I'm reading about it.
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