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I made some spent grain bread last weekend. It was good, but it's stale now. Can I make bread pudding with it? Croutons? French toast? Stuffing? What applications work best for a stale loaf of hearty, dense brown bread?
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I’d go for croutons and put them on a stew.
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Croutons and french onion soup. Perhaps butter it, grilled cheese and pastrami mustard it?
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The circle-of-life answer would be kvass. (Sample recipes.)
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Bread pudding, but soak it in strong black tea and rum instead of milk until it's all crumbly, and add what you lot call pumpkin spice along with the usual eggs, baking powder and a bit of flour and sugar. The extra texture stands up very well to additions like currants and candied orange peel.

Also savoury French toast - again no milk, just eggs and sage and thyme and whatever spices you fancy, plus pepper and salt.
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I'd make croutons of it in a heartbeat. Bread crumbs for something in the meatball/loaf family with appropriate flavors is also an option.
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My first choice would be croutons, but recently I've also been experimenting with variations on Italian and Middle Eastern bread salads. (I know your bread isn't pita, but that doesn't matter at all). Since tomatoes are out of season in the Northern Hemisphere, I make them with whatever looks good at the store. Or in the freezer, I love all salads made with lightly steamed haricots verts and shallots, the beans from the freezer.
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Maybe this kind of bread pudding or this kind of bread and butter pudding, plus croutons.
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You can destale bread by sticking it in a microwave for 30 seconds to get it up to steaming temperature, then buttering and eating it before it gets a chance to cool down. If it was a really nice bread to begin with, this might work out better than fancying it up.

Or you can slice it partway through, spread a mixture of butter, minced garlic, chopped fresh parsley and a little salt into the cuts, and stick it back in a proper oven until the crust turns very crusty and all the butter melts. Good bread makes wonderful garlic bread.
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I like the crouton idea (I will sometimes do like a hot bread salad, where I crisp up some bread cubes and then stir in some leftover veggies/beans/meat - this is really delicious).

I think this would also be a really nice savory bread pudding or breakfast strata kind of thing. This is another great way to use up leftovers - stir up some bread and cheese and eggs and leftover veg and bake until done.
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A day late to suggest using it in turkey stuffing.
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How about panzanella?
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It is never too late for more stuffing.

Homemade breadcrumbs freeze really well for your future holiday needs. :)
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a hot bread salad, where I crisp up some bread cubes and then stir in some leftover veggies/beans/meat

!! Crisp up with baking/toasting, or frying?
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I would make savory, not sweet, bread pudding, often called strata, with some combination of sauteed onions, celery, shallots, garlic, and add mushrooms, eggs, butter/ olive oil, milk/ cream/ chicken broth, and top with cheese if you like. You can use anything you might add to a quiche, so sausage or asparagus, etc., are options.
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On the not-very-gourmet end of the spectrum, I eat a couple slices of toast most mornings for breakfast. Usually with some kind of fruit jam but braunschweiger/pate/chopped liver or cheese can go very well with a robust toast. If you slice it and freeze it it still toasts up very nicely.
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