How can I reduce the heat/spiciness of a dish?
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I am making this collards greens recipe and I think I accidentally put in too much red pepper flakes. I’ve got an hour until they are served. Anything I can do to reduce the heat?
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Yogurt or sour cream will smooth it out if you think either will work with collard greens.
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I use lemon juice or vinegar to cut spice.
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Here are some solutions. If you are serving a number of people, though, I'd separate the dish into one dish of "hotter" for people who don't mind (I totally wouldn't mind!), and to the other I'd try one of the heat reduction methods. To try to avoid significantly altering the flavor profile, you could add something else to bulk it out a bit to reduce the concentration. You could add another green, if you have any, even just some sautéed cabbage or lettuce, etc., or a few pan fried potatoes, or maybe some rice if it's not a significant ingredient in another dish.

Looking at my first link, I'm very curious how peanut-butter would be in that sort of greens recipe, though I realize that today is probably not the day you feel like experimenting with that. It sounds very intriguing, though!
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I would bet that unsweetened natural peanut butter would be really good with southern style (savory) collards
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You can put in whole/half potatoes to simmer with them, then remove and trash the potatoes or serve separately. They will absorb some heat (and fat and salt) and then you can literally remove it, which is often preferable to diluting.
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I would consider "a pinch" as listed in the recipe to be insufficient, so unless you added like a tablespoon, maybe it will be OK? Depending on your guests' spice tolerance, of course. I like red wine vinegar as a condiment on greens, which would also reduce the apparent spiciness.
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