Show me comix artists please
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I'm looking for the illustrators and comics artists who I haven't heard of yet because they don't have wide, commercial distribution and I'm not deeply immersed in that world. Especially interested in queers, women, trans, artists of color and political artists whose work I can check out online. Aesthetic specifics below:

I tend to be drawn to illustrations with bold outlines and semi-realistic human figures. More newspaper daily comic style than elaborately layered comic book illustration style.

I know there's probably Instagram communities and hashtags I can follow - hopefully, maybe elsewhere online too? Feel free to point me toward that as well.

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Some of your boxes are ticked by Clare Foley. They've just landed a gig to illustrate a series of coming out stories for Gay Community News. Decl.Interest: known them since they were a nipper.
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I think The Nib should be exactly what you're looking for!
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The Nib is a great place to start, because then you can check out the different artist's own work too. A few books I thought of immediately: Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal. Fungirl by Elizabeth Pich. Honestly, everything that Silver Sprockets puts out is probably worth you taking a peek. Girl Town by Casey Nowak. There's so much great stuff out there that ticks the boxes you're looking for. Enjoy!
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Killdeer comix
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magnolia porter!
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Summer Pierre!
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Justin Hubbell!
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Your description puts me in mind of Bianca Xunise, who I heard of via Believer mag.
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Manjit Thapp's recent book, Feelings

SHING YIN KHOR's 2016 travel memoir The American Dream? A Journey on Route 66

Trung Le Nguyen -- known as Trungles online -- amazing graphic novel about fairy tales and immigration and queerness Magic Fish
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Tana Ford does traditional comic books. The work she did on LaGuardia is awesome - she won a Hugo for it.
Lucy Bellwood has a great comic about sailing and the Demon Dialogues are relatable for anyone who has Great Imposter Syndrome
Noelle Stevenson did Lumberjanes
Erica Henderson - Her run on Squirrel Girl with Ryan North is wonderful. She also did Dracula, Motherf**ker.
Danielle Corsetto did Girls with Slingshots
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Mira Ong Chua - I've backed their last few projects on Kickstarter. Their work is mostly manga-adjacent, but fits most of your requirements. The items for sale in their shop should give you a good idea of their work.
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