When a cold becomes menacing (YANMD)
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I know you are not my doctor, etc.

I think I have a little cold. Ironic in this time of masks, I don't think I've had a cold in two years. My lovely mother reminded me I had pneumonia before and to take it easy (but to be honest, that time it just sneaked up on me--I was sleeping and resting and then suddenly I was in the ER)

What's the best way to get well and stay well? I'm vaccinated times three (and I understand that a cold is different from covid-19) but now it seems like people are getting sick anyway? I wear masks at work and social distance, but don't go out too often.

I'm thinking of all the old adages, sleep and drink plenty of fluids. I have some vitamin C but of course, won't go anywhere on Thanksgiving--there goes the (careful) family gathering.

It was a bad pneumonia, ten days in the hospital and 1-2 in ICU so you can see why I'm anxious to not get sick again.
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(Maybe do a Covid test just in case?)

I don't know of any current non-quack cold remedies other than "rest, stay hydrated" (don't get me started on the vitamin C thing), but from my personal experience I'd like to add "if at all possible make sure you have a friend/family member who can make sure that if it's time to go to the doctor, they bug you into going and provide transportation".

I have twice with colds ended up dehydrated and sick longer than necessary because I had a sore throat so bad it hurt to swallow and a fever high enough that I wasn't thinking straight, and once ended up wandering around with pneumonia for a couple weeks before a veterinarian friend listened to my lungs and made me go to urgent care.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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Response by poster: What's wrong with Vitaman C (smile)?

I tried to sign up a the covid test yesterday--I've had several since this started--and it wouldn't let me finish, it ghosted out. Guess I'll try again (I tried a few times, definition of insanity?) or do another brand of drugstore.

And strangely enough my fever is gone.
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I had my first cold in 2 years last month and it absolutely KICKED MY ASS. I only ran a fever on day one, negative COVID tests, but I was out for almost a week. I've since heard similar results from half a dozen friends about their first post-lockdown colds. Good luck!
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My recipe has always been:
Lots of fluids, indeed
Hot bath / Shower
Vicks Vapo Rub
Lemsip (is it available in the U.S. ?) but read the notice first
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From what I've read, Covid-19 symptoms are different in people who are fully vaccinated and look a lot like a cold. Have you been tested to see if it's that?
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Response by poster: Getting the test Saturday morning, the soonest I could get in.
I would love your sources, this is especially helpful since I was using Mayo Clinic's website for the list of symptoms for covid v. cold.
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If you are in the US and call your doctor in the morning, they may be able to arrange a test tomorrow through their own medical system since you are symptomatic with respiratory symptoms.
I also once had a pneumonia, in pre-Covid times, and though I didn't need to be hospitalized it really sucked. I was walking around with actual chest pain with respiration. If you feel pain or rib discomfort with respiration you need to go to an urgent care or ER and get a chest xray. Pneumonia generally needs professional medical attention.
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