Is this actually a human temperature?
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A person I know said they have a kidney infection and their temp spiked to 400 degrees before becoming more normal at 103. Is this even possible?
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Best answer: Their blood would have started boiling around 212⁰F / 100⁰C, so no.
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Is it possible they're bouncing between C and F and meant 40 degrees? That would be a very high fever in Celsius.
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Response by poster: Thank you. Person just noted they meant Celsius, which makes a little more sense.
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The highest human body temperature ever recorded in somebody who survived was 115F. (Willie Jones, 1980)
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400⁰C is around 750⁰F, and is approximately the melting point of lead, tin, and zinc.

It was probably 40.0⁰C with a display where your acquaintance couldn't see the decimal point.
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Also if there temperature is anything above 103 (or even 103, for that matter) their thought processes may not be 100% clear.
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Response by poster: Thank you for answering this mildly dense question, including helpful statistics, and a small range of suggestions. 10/10.
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There could have been a connection issue with the sensor that caused some erratic readings.
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40C = 104F and that's a serious fever.
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An amusing twist on this--it would take a lot of time and energy to raise the body's temperature to a high value, and then a lot of time to cool it back down.
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