Interior Lighting Design Theory
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Is there a good book or blog or anything for an introduction to interior lighting design?

I've got a great sense of spatial layout, I can pair furniture together well, and my partner has been teaching me color wheel theory. However, neither of us has a clue about laying out floor lamps.

Several of the larger rooms in our house have no ceiling lighting, just switched outlets. I've been considering a Hue system (air gapped from the IoT), but the idea of changing lighting colors is even more mystifying.

How do you do this without casting shadows, with accenting the right spaces, and just making an inviting space that doesn't feel like a haunted house?
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Most hardware stores have studio-friendly "true light (often also meaning true color)" bulbs at high wattage. They are not inexpensive, but quite worth it. Highly recommend.
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I find that Emily Henderson does a great job of explaining things like this. She breaks down all the different kinds of lighting you need in a room here.
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