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What app should I use for private chatting/pics/links with my partner? We both have iphones and like the native messaging app, but want a segregated app that can be locked so kids using our phones won't stumble upon a private message.

We'd like something full-featured (emojis, reaction buttons, tc.) but I don't want anything run by Facebook or any of its subsidiaries. Something that would be usable on other devices as well would be a plus (especially apple watch), but not as important.
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To elaborate on Signal for Android, you can set it to lock access with the screen unlock or fingerprint, but it doesn't seem you can choose. If your kids know your unlock pin or pattern, then they'll be able to unlock Signal too.
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Signal or Threema
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Telegram can do this - you can set a passcode lock that is independent of your screen lock, and can even have 'secret' conversations, though I don't know what that means, apart from end-to-end encryption.
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