Where to buy home decor cheap?
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I'm trying to buy a bunch of wall art, as well as some other home decor like a wreath and throw pillows. Where can I do this cheaply?

Someone told me to try Kohl's, but it had like 2 total wall pictures. I peeked in Hobby Lobby because it was next door, and it was perfect except there's no way I'm going to support them for political reasons. Michael's (I consider them similar to Hobby Lobby?) prices seem to be on a whole other level. Where else can I go? I'm mainly looking for this kind of aesthetic. Very straight up the middle -- I immediately saw 10 things in Hobby Lobby that I could buy.
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Maybe TJMaxx Homegoods?
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Do you have an Ikea near you? They have wall art, and throw pillows.
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IKEA has really cheap wall art.
Also Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.
If you live near an art school the students sometimes sell pieces of art for cheaper prices as well.
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World Market and IKEA!
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Thrift stores, possibly. I don't know how high class you want to go and it'll depend on the thrift store, but I've found things I like.
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Response by poster: Okay I just left Home goods which had too many people half wearing their mask. Can I update the question to also include, what is the best way to buy cheap art / basic home decor via curbside pickup? Thank you for any tips!
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Do you have At Home near you? I believe they have this kind of stuff. You can order online, and at least the one by me says they are doing curbside pickup.
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I also see home decor similar to this all the time on Facebook Marketplace. If you don't mind buying used, that's another option.
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Local art fairs. Museum gift shops. Local college fine art student project sales, if you can find them.
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Thrift shops frequently have big frames with faded posters. If you are craft-y you can cut them down for new posters. Many frames take on new lives with fresh paint.
Museum shops, Society6 and others sell posters. Look for great photos on flickr and ask for permission to print them. Get photo prints at Walgreens or similar, cheap.

Marshalls (TJ Maxx, Homegoods) has throw pillows. You can buy pillows at thrift shops, wash them, use the stuffing in a pillow you make from cool fabric. That's how my dog got a mohair-covered pillow. Look at sweaters in thrift shops for pillow covering. Sewing pillows is not difficult.
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Target’s curbside pickup is very efficient in my experience. I like their selection of decor, especially from the Opalhouse brand.
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Society6 offers endless choices of wall art (and decor--pillows, shower curtains, area rugs) designed by individual artists then reproduced. Some of their abstract and graphic designs are striking.
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I used to be a big estate sale person. In my area, I now use Auction Ninja to bid on estate sale items in my area and then pick them up en masse. I've found that once I find one thing I like, it's worth going through the whole backlog. It feels like being between ebay and thrift shopping - can be cheap because no one sees it and you score it for a dollar (like one of my tables) or you end up with sadness because that one midcentury lamp is hot and people drove up the bid. I set timers to do my bids no sooner than half an hour before close.
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Seconding the suggestion for At Home. T he ones near me are huge warehouse type stores that are usually pretty empty. They offer in-store pickup so you can probably get in and out pretty quick, or you can have stuff shipped too. Here's some art that seems to match the aesthetic of your linked item.
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