Excel! Copy content of selected cell into another cell WHEN SELECTED
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I want Excel to automatically copy the contents of one cell I select (out of a range of cells in the same column, B10 thru B1000) into another specified cell, WHEN that first cell is selected. I'm fairly sure this requires a macro.

I don't know why I'm having so much difficulty finding the answer to this with Google, but it could be partly because I am basically brand-new to macros/VBA and for all I know, I've found the right code in my experiments and just...somehow failed to activate it or whatever.

So right now, B10:B1000 populates (using FILTER) with a subset of widget names. E7 is a pulldown list right now, containing ALL widget names, and below E7 is a bunch of information about each individual widget name, called via VLOOKUP. The usability issue here is that the E7 pulldown will be long enough to be frustrating/unwieldy.

I want my users to be able to just click one of the widget names in B10:B1000 and then see that name magically appear in E7, thereby "unfolding" all the detailed widget info lower in column E. It would be best if E7 didn't change when somebody clicked any cell outside the B10:B1000 range.

(And yes, I know, why am I emulating a database in Excel when I could use Access? Well, we can't use Access for this because of reasons.)

I hope some MeFite is able and willing to whip up this code for me! (My research suggests it'd be simple.) Hopefully I'm providing enough info.

And preemptive follow-up question: inserting the code as a Module in the VBA editor and hitting Save is all I have to do to Make It Go, right?
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Have a look at This Video
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Response by poster: For anyone interested: this video answered my question
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