Short, easy, free, ad-free Mac or browser games with keyboard control?
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I'm looking for quick, easy, free, ad-free games I can play on a Mac or in my browser along the lines of Freecell and Set.

Ideal games would have:

* a play time of 2-5 minutes
* keyboard control - I especially like being able to move cards from the keyboard when I play Freecell
* a little bit of strategy or logic

I don't care about (or even dislike) keeping score, leader boards, competing with others, tracking my games.

I'm especially interested in things that have an element of easy math or slightly indirect pattern matching (like Set, where you can match on shape OR color OR pattern).

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Not quite sure if this counts, but the NY Times has some free games on their site. I like to do the mini-crossword and letterboxed daily. They have a few others as well that are free to all. (keyboard works with crossword, letterboxed, and spelling bee. I can't remember the others.)
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You might find something you like in the collection of browser games posted on the Blue on Friday.

You might like one or more of Linjat, 0hn0, 0hh1 and especially Quento (it's arithmetic-based), all of which are browser-based logic games with a mixture of easy (quick) and harder layouts to solve, but sadly I don't think they're keyboard-friendly.
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Tetris, Tetris.
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There was a recent FPP about gamesnacks, and there are a lot of games there. Some of them I felt were crap, but some of them really clicked for me, and I played them all the way through.
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