Can I fix this broken gingersnap pie crust?
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Help! I ordered a Mi-Del gingersnap pie crust online (I know, terrible idea...) and it ordered completely smashed up. Is this salvageable? Can I, e.g., put it in the food processor with some melted butter and/or sugar and then re-form it into the pie pan?
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I would try that. That's exactly how I've made a gingersnap pie crust from cookies: pulverize, add melted butter and sugar (to taste), then press into the pie plate and bake for several minutes. Here's an example, although I didn't try that one. I do think I used Mi-Del cookies, though.
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Best answer: I agree that I would give it a try and expect it to be fine. I'd use butter to help with the forming, but would guess that it won't need sugar for either taste or texture.
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Nthing the "that sounds like a plan". I wouldn't necessarily add sugar right away - you can pulverize it with the butter, and then take a tiny taste before you press it into the pie pan. If it tastes like it may need some sugar you can add it then; if not, you're good to go.
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You might want to make a sample "cookie" kind of thing with your mixture, just to ensure that it doesn't taste burnt or anything once it's been re-cooked. And pressing it back into the foil pie pan may be difficult - if you have a solid pie pan I would use that instead unless the size is significantly larger.
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I would definitely do this. To avoid re-baking you could just make a cold pie (e.g. chocolate mousse).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! Just wanted to report that it worked out great with just a smidge of butter added.
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