Trying to find a replacement part for a lamp
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Trying to track down a specific piece for a lamp -- while staying at a friend's house we broke this part while changing a light bulb and want to replace it! But we have no idea where to get one.

In the kitchen, we have these 3 light fixtures that look like this.

The broken piece fits over the light bulb and looks like this.

The light bulb itself looks like this.

And here’s what the fixture looks like without the light bulb (showing the hook mechanism that holds the part we broke).

The lights were installed by a previous owner and neither we nor or our friend have any idea where they are from. There is no writing or branding of any kind on the lamps. The part is glass and broke into a dozen pieces when we dropped it and repairing it is not possible.

Where / how can we find a replacement part? Note that the part is not directly visible when placed inside the lamp, so any diffuser that fit properly would also work.
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That looks like it will be bespoke to that specific light fixture - which means it's unlikely to be a part you can buy by itself. I would focus on the light fixture as a whole. Some questions to start with-

What country are you in? What common suppliers do people buy light fixtures from - builders merchants/hardware stores/lighting stores/etc? Are there specific local lighting stores in your area? Check their websites for pendant lights

Is it a new build or a newly-fitted kitchen by the previous owner? If so, there may be specific suppliers that the builder or kitchen company use who supplied the lights

Did the previous owner leave any folders or boxes full of paperwork? Ours did and it included all the packaging info and paper inserts for every fixture they ever purchased for the house.

Do other light fixtures in the house have any makers info/brand names? It's possible they were bought from the same company.

Just be careful if you try to rig something up or use something that almost-fits because halogen bulbs get really hot and are a fire risk. You can get fake-halogen LED lights that are safer.
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Best answer: Cilantro has it - convert to LED. Since you can't see the bulb or the diffuser, go with something safer, which doesn't need a secondary glass envelope to explode into.

You will need to know what size the bulb is to replace it with an LED equivalent. I can't tell from the photos what base it is - pin spacing and diameter is what defines the standard. Look at the chart here to see how to figure it out.

The other thing you'll need to know is the system voltage. The socket is rated for 25V/150W, which implies it is a low-voltage system, so that could mean 12V or 24V, and it could be AC or DC. If you have a voltage tester available, you want to exclude high voltage - 120VAC or if in Europe, 240VAC.

If it's a GY6.35 bulb, and low voltage (AC or DC), you're in luck because those are cheap and prevalent.

I honestly couldn't tell the scale of the glass cover, so couldn't do a more thorough search on a direct replacement. Can you provide some measurements?
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Response by poster: Sorry for the delay in responding -- it was mainly because the bulb is GY6.35, we just replaced it, and the light still doesn't work so the fact that the diffuser is broken is now a little bit moot. The diffuser part is about 2 1/4" long and about 3/4" in diameter.
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