Baking with restrictions. Ideas, please!
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A friend gave me some delicious homemade pumpkin mochi. I'd like to return the favor by baking them something, but they have dietary restrictions that I (who am blessed with the ability to eat most anything) don't normally have to worry about. Please point me to good recipes // recipes that I can easily substitute ingredients around!

My friend's restrictions:
- no wheat
- no cow dairy
- minimal sugar (with exceptions for maple and coconut).

I'm kind of at a loss here: I'm not the most creative or knowledgeable baker by default, but I would quite like to make them something. Any ideas or sources would be most helpful.
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Best answer: Maybe this tiramisu?
posted by shadygrove at 7:17 PM on November 22, 2021

Best answer: How about these chocolate muffins?

She has lots of amazing allergy friendly recipes, but many probably have too much sugar for your needs.
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Best answer: Any paleo cookbook or recipe site should work with these restrictions. You have lots of options!
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Best answer: This flourless chocolate torte might just fit the bill.
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Best answer: orange cake!
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Best answer: Not actually baking, but this kind of homemade fruit bar can be fun.

(obviously the dates contain a load of natural sugar, but if she doesn’t mind coconut sugar presumably it’s not sugar per se which is the problem)

You can switch up the ingredients; I made some with 200g each of dried pineapple and crystallised ginger, and 400g each of dates and black sesame, which were good, and some with equal parts dates, almonds and sour cherries, which are really quite sour but nice if you like that kind of thing. In any case I would add some salt as well.

Making them is pretty hard on the food processor, so take it slowly.
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Response by poster: I'm going to be trying out the orange cake one first, but these were all great! Thanks all!
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Response by poster: Followup: my friend loved the orange cake. Thanks all for the suggestions!
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