Question about my lipid test results
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I just got results of a lipid panel. Usually I fast beforehand, but this year I had black coffee and a very small square of dark chocolate in advance of the test bc I didn't know she was going to draw my blood. Will this skew my cholesterol and triglycerides at all? And if so, by how much? Thanks!
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"The truth is, your cholesterol can be tested without fasting. ... New guidelines, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, say that people who aren’t taking statins may not need to fast before having their blood tested for cholesterol levels."
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Triglicerides are the most affected, but a small square of chocolate doesn't seem like much of a deal. Perhaps let the doctor know if your trigliceride level is out of range to see if a fasting draw would be advised.
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One very small square of dark chocolate would change things only very, very slightly — so insignificantly that you could never tell. Coffee might change things a little bit, but probably not in any way that is significant.

But testing without fasting is widely accepted now, so it doesn't really matter. If your results are very high, you may want to retest after fasting, but if they are normal, then there's nothing more to do. Even if this would change things very slightly, this would be well within the range of normal variation.
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