What are your favorite movie/film analysis YouTube channels & websites?
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I'm the kind of person who enjoys movies, but enjoys them SO MUCH MORE when I can dive into film analysis after watching them. Help me create a list!

I'm looking for a whole big list of YouTube channels as well as just general websites with written content that are consistently great at providing in-depth analysis and interesting commentary about movies/films.

I'm much more into themes of the movies, cultural commentary, why certain scenes or actions of characters have meaning, etc. than film mechanics or directorial styles. I'm also open to sites who do TV and other pop culture analysis, as well, but true bonus points for movies. The deeper and longer, the better!

For example, I love the styles and offerings of following channels and sites:
- This is Barry
- Film School Rejects
- Pop Culture Detective
- Lindsey Ellis

I will note that I am NOT interested in podcasts.

Thank you in advance!
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I rather like Patrick Willems.
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Folding Ideas
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I'll plump for Movies with Mikey/FilmJoy; he has some good, unique insights. A few examples which stick out in my mind are:

Why Thor Ragnarok is the Perfect Reboot
Hot Fuzz
Pacific Rim: The Best, Dumbest Movie
John Wick
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I really like The Take - their focus is more on various plot or character tropes, so they are more likely to address multiple films in a single video (and sometimes they also address TV as well). But they're really insightful.
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I'm rarely interested in film takes by randos on the internet, so finding this guy's channel was a huge, pleasant surprise to me: Like Stories of Old. I especially liked the ones for Arrival, Chernobyl, and Sunshine.

My bestie really likes Movies with Mikey that myotahapea mentioned above.
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Might not be the analysis you were looking for, but the Screen Rant Pitch Meeting bits by Ryan George (example: Squid Game) frequently tag the plot holes and other anomalies in popular films. (Tagging plot holes is tight!)
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I quite like Wired's series on having experts break down scenes

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A new YouTuber I really like is Fiq the Signifier whose Black Media Breakdown videos includes deep dives on Love and Basketball, Baby Boy, Coming to America, Antebellum, and Tenet, and overviews on Black Men and Colorism on Screen, Action and the Impossible White Man Trope, and Edgelord Movies and the Men who Love Them.
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I like big joel quite a bit. It's not always media criticism, and somewhat frequently is about leftist politics and how that relates to media, but if that sounds interesting to you, I recommend it.
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I quite like Princess Weekes, Jenny Nicholson and Xiran Jay Zhao.

I think that Maggie Mae Fish leans more towards mechanics, and Be Kind Rewind may have too much of a focus on Hollywood history, but your mileage may vary.
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Accented Cinema is pretty good for Asian films. I also liked Kay and Skittles's take on Us, among other things. (Aside from that, I could recommend a bunch of channels focusing on reviews and humorous takes, but it seems that's not quite what you're asking for.)
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Oh, and Wisecrack has some interesting analysis of movies, television, and other contemporary culture too.
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Accented Cinema, Chinese viewpoint on both eastern and western movies, with topics such as:

Rise of Gun Fu

Shang-Chi and the Perpetual Foreigners

The References in Kung Fu Hustle (that you probably don't recognize because you are not Chinese)

Ip Man 4: How to write racism

The Metaphors of Rurouni Kenshin

Why China Cared About Kung Fu Panda
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Karsten Runquist
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I like a lot of the ones already mentioned but I'm surprised no one's mentioned Coldcrash Pictures. He's tapered off quite a bit in recent years which may be why he's down in the algos but i always find his commentary very emphatic and insightful, even and especially for a white American guy. A smidge more analytical than FilmJoy, less fanciful than Willems (these days), a strong historical eye ala Be Kind Rewind.

For the various indian movie industries, this media channel is pretty great: Film Companion and Film Companion South. I'm trying to brush up my South Asian cinema fluency and like my country, Indians have their own creole Englishes (lol) but this outfit seems committed to bridging the North-South divide so their medium is mostly standard English.
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I am not at all into movies, but I loved watching Every Frame A Painting by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou, and they explain how themes can be shown through certain mechanics in the filmmaking. All available on YouTube, notes at the end of the video include all the films referenced within.
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I think you'd enjoy a lot of the extras that Criterion offers with its films (and on its streaming service).
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Bright Wall / Dark Room is an online magazine - no ads, funded by subscription. Very good writing.
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Are you already using the Letterboxd app? After using it to log something I watched, I usually spend some time reading people's reviews. (Or sometimes, if undecided, I'll read the reviews before watching.) Obviously most reviews are short and shallow, but many are in-depth and intelligent. You'll come to know the good writers and follow them, and many of them of course have their own sites / blogs / publications. David Ehrlich is a good start for intelligent reviews.

I'm surprised no-one has recommended Nerdwriter (YouTube) yet.

Additionally, check out Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo (YouTube).

If you're interested in anime try SteveM (YouTube).
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David Fincher is producing a new series on Netflix called Voir that has Taylor Ramos, Tony Zhou, Walter Chaw, Drew McWeeny, and Sasha Stone presenting essays on film. Looks like it starts on Dec 6.
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Response by poster: You all CAME THROUGH!!! Thank you so much!
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I very much enjoy Jill Bearup, who still does general movie & TV analysis but now also talks a lot about stage combat in films. Not just technical fight analysis - she talks a lot about how the fights advance themes, reflect characters' relationships, etc. "The Mask of Zorro's Fabulous Flirty Fight" is a good example.
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Late to the party but Tranparency is criminally underrated.
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