how to tell if this smell is mold
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Yesterday I jbought a new rug from a discount house (all wool), laid it out in my bedroom, and it's starting to emit an odd smell. At first I thought it could just be something inevitable in the manufacture, kind of chemical-ish - but now I'm worried that it might be related to mold? or something similarly in need of action. How can I figure out whether this is harmless and will dissipate, or whether it needs to be nuked?
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Best answer: If it's mold a day outdoors in the sun will kill it. You might have to have a day on each side of the rug. Then vacuum.
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New rugs can “off-gas” for a few days — basically they just smell a bit odd or chemically. Depending on which link you click after googling that, it’s either harmless or full of toxic VOCs. But, probably not mold, and it should go away with time.
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Lots of fresher real wool also has a distinct aroma that will fade over time and may not be familiar.

Seems unlikely that this is mold, especially without any mention of visible evidence.
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Wool can have a strong smell itself. You might know this already... but in case you don't, might it be worth having a friend over to do a smell check, to see if it's a chemical smell or mold or just newish wool?
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Wool carpets and blankets often still have residual lanolin, which can give off a strong smell at first. If you shop for a wool blanket on amazon almost half the reviews are people complaining about it.
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