Wireless charger that looks good and works with an Otterbox?
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Can you recommend a wireless charging dock that 1) isn’t ugly (like, sits on a desktop, maybe holds pens, etc) 2) works with an iPhone SE in an Otterbox and 3) maybe charges an Apple Watch at the same time?

That’s pretty much it. Thank you!
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I purchased this charger this spring. It does not hold office accessories, but it does have both Apple Watch and AirPod chargers. Plugs in via USB-C.

It has worked great for both my old iPhone X and my new iPhone 13 Pro, both with Otterboxes. Should work fine for any models of iPhone from 8 and up. Note that it does not come with a transformer block so make sure you have one with the right output (9V recommended) to get Fast charging capability.
posted by SquidLips at 9:27 AM on November 21

I was just gifted a Nomad Base Station Pro. I wasn't in the market for such a thing, but it turns out, I love it. Looks nice, charges three things without wires. Hard to argue!
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i like this one because it lets me see/use the phone and watch whilst charging, and it doesn't require a separate watch puck.
posted by bruceo at 3:39 PM on November 22

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