tutoring websites where tutors can set our own rates?
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I was a private academic tutor for many years pre-covid. I'm now interested in finding remote/online only students.

Unfortunately I've noticed that many websites (for example, study dot com and tutor dot com) pay tutors rates that are below or close to my city's minimum wage (whether classified as freelancers or part time employees). I was charging significantly more, and that was before earning my graduate degree.

I'd like to work on a platform where I can set my own hourly rate (and presumably give the company a percentage of it for matching me with students - even a high percentage is ok). I'm aware of one, called Wyzant, but hope to sign up with a few different ones.

Please share any websites/companies you're aware of that work this way! Thanks for your suggestions!
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This is actually the primary mode of operation for countless international platforms, such as https://preply.com/ as well as numerous foreign country-specific ones, such as https://www.e-korepetycje.net/ in Poland. Basically, just ignore most sites specifically targeting the US, and focus on attracting affluent foreign students instead.
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I believe care.com allows for this.
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