Trying to find a particular artist, Google-fu failed me
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There was an artist who printed amounts of money on paper, then sold the framed pictures for the amount of money they said. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

There was an artist who did a few pieces sort of as a joke in the later mid-twentieth century (50s, 60s, or 70s, I think). I saw them at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. He simply printed the cost of each artwork on paper and framed them, then sold them for what they said. "$(between 10 and 50),000", "$(between 1 and 9)", and "[some kind of tool or machinery]" are what I vaguely remember. Would appreciate help. Thanks.
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Just Some Guy Boggs?
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Yeah, Jamie Boggs.
Lawrence Weschler's book Boggs: A Comedy of Values is pretty good.
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Response by poster: Close, but not quite. These weren't banknotes, they were just black text art on a white background. Same idea.
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Mark Wagner
Youtube video
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Response by poster: Not him either, but I appreciate the answers.
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Best answer: Ed Kienholz.
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Best answer: The Cantor Arts Center has For Acetylene Torch and For $85.00.
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Response by poster: THANK YOU! Thank you so very much.
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A fun related concept.
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