Please help me find the truly non-slip exercise headband
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The last question was asked 7 years ago. I need a non-slip headband or sweatband for playing basketball. They absolutely cannot need adjustment for the length of a game or practice. Sweat protection is secondary to the non-slip requirement. Hair is kept in a ponytail, and have an average to large sized female head. Non-Amazon source a plus +
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Best answer: JUNK Big Bang Lite are the best nonslip headbands I've found.
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I bought a Halo because I'm sweaty-headed, and it's glorious on both the sweat-not-in-eyes and non-slip front.
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My husband and his sister swear by the Halo bands that avocet suggested. He uses the tie kind and she uses the band type. Both tend to get pretty sweaty during workouts and report that Halo keeps sweat out of their eyes the whole time.
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Also putting in my vote for the Halo. I got the reflective one for double duty - high visibility and keeping sweat out of the eyes - it does a great job of both. It's velcro (err.. hook and loop) on the back so you can adjust it.
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I'll add a recommendation for Sweaty Bands. They stay in place with a bit of elastic along the back, and then the underside of the band (that touches your hair) is lined with velvet and thus relies on the friction between your hair and the velvet. I wear them to play soccer and they don't move, even when heading the ball. They also have petite sizes, for wee-noggined folks (it me) or those who want a tighter feel on their head.
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Response by poster: We tried the Junk bands. So many patterns to choose from (and match to uniforms)! The player ended up getting hurt so no chance to test them super thoroughly, but they seem happy. Next season I’ll order some of the other brands as well. Thanks all!
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